Crowdfund a small portion of your tuition needs
to fully fund your education.


GO Pay Your Tuition is a new way to Finance student loan debt.

We are practically giving money away to students and providing the best solution for families to be able to afford higher education without the mountains of debt in the current borrowing system. We believe that we can help tackle this economic crisis one dollar at a time by creating a hybrid approach to traditional financing.

GO PYT has joined forces with the banking system and the community to deliver an innovative financing model to help drive down the debt burden. By combining personal crowdfunding efforts of the student with the commitment of the banking system we are joining forces and creating a way to engage the community to support education and the cost associated with higher education.


Students apply for a higher education loan and build a campaign profile to build community support.

Raise a percentage of the requested loan amount through social networking and community involvement.

Get FUNDED by “THE BANK” and funds are mailed directly to the requested school.

Spread the word to others and say thank you to supporters by getting involved with community organizations.

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